What Are Cloth Diapers: Cloth Diapering 101

You’ve heard someone mention them, perhaps seen another mom using them, and now you want to know: what are these cloth diapers? More importantly, are they right for me? Well, let me tell you, cloth diapers can be right for anyone as long as you know how to use them and are willing to take that tiny leap. 

Cloth diapers come in many forms, but the most popular are prefolds or inserts both used with a waterproof cover. Whether choosing prefolds or inserts, there are a variety of materials and styles out there. We recommend using natural fibers as they will be resting against your sweet little baby’s Bungie. 

Prefolds are basically square or rectangular cloths that have been layered to maximize absorbency. They are then folded and placed in a waterproof diaper cover. 

Pocket diapers used with inserts have two parts as well. The cover has a waterproof outer shell sewed to an inner layer made from wicking material. There are openings for the inserts to be placed inside. Once stuffed, pocket diapers are perhaps the easiest to use with a squirmy baby! 

Now you have an idea of what cloth diapers are, you’re probably wondering, and rightly so, “what do I do with the soiled diapers?” Cloth diapers are so amazing because they are reusable. If the idea of doing diaper laundry seems daunting to you, remember, if you can do a load of regular laundry then you can do a load of diaper laundry. It’s even easier as there are no shirts to fold! Keep a diaper pail or bucket for soiled diapers and wash them every 24-48 hours. Pee diapers can go straight into your diaper pail, but poo diapers need to be rinsed out first (unless you’re breastfeeding and your little one hasn't started solids yet! Amazingly, breastmilk poo is water soluble!). Either machine dry or line dry and VOILA! Clean new diapers to be used all over again! Both your wallet and the environment are thanking you right now. 

So that’s it! To get started we recommend trying out a few diapers first to see how it goes and to get that perfect fit, our monthly subscription is a great place to start. Once you see how easy it really is, you’ll take that leap and never look back. Happy diapering!