PRESS RELEASE: Bungies is Now an Authorized Licensee of Kanga Care's Double Gusset Technology

Fort Lauderdale, FL - April 20, 2023 - Bungies Diapers, a leading brand of high-quality cloth diapers, is proud to announce that it has become an authorized licensee of Kanga Cares' Double Gussets feature.

Bungies Diapers specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-quality cloth diapers. Founded in 2020, Bungies Diapers has quickly gained a reputation for its commitment to quality and sustainability, as well as its innovative designs and patterns. Bungies Diapers also offers a seasonally inspired monthly cloth diaper subscription.

"We are thrilled to have been granted a license to use Kanga Cares' Double Gusset feature," said Ysora Waugh [Founder and President of Bungies Diapers]. "This is a testament to the quality of our products and our commitment to providing high quality cloth diapers. With this feature, our diapers will provide even greater protection against leaks.”

Kanga Care specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-quality baby products, particularly cloth diapers. Founded in 2006, Kanga Care has grown to become a leading brand in the baby industry, known for its innovative products. Developed by Julie Ekstrom, CEO of Kanga Care, the Double Gusset design consists of two elasticized gussets that run along the leg openings of the cloth diaper. These gussets are designed to provide a tight seal around the baby's legs, which helps to prevent leaks and contain messes. Kanga Care has been granted US Pat. 8,425,483, US Pat. 8,961,484, US Pat. 9,572,726 and US Pat. 10,201,460 by the USPTO.

"I am very excited to announce our partnership with Bungies Diapers as our new licensee of our Patented Double Inner Gussets in Cloth Diapers (Pat. US 8,425,483). It's a magical place to be when two companies come together using innovation as a foundation to create. This partnership is the first of its kind for the cloth diaper industry. I am so proud to lead Kanga Care on this Journey with Ysora and Bungies Diapers, through something truly exceptional and make a significant impact in the world of cloth diapering. This licensing agreement is a testament to Ysora's hard work, moral compass, and dedication to innovation."

Bungies Diapers' line of diapers featuring Double Gussets will be available starting with the May 2023 subscription shipping end of April 2023. For more information on Bungies Diapers and its products, please visit