Prepping Instructions

At Bungies, we focus on quality and therefore use only natural fiber inserts, which absorb more and last longer. The trade-off for that amazing quality is that natural inserts do need to be prepped (prepared) a bit more to get them ready for their first use.

Prepping Your Inserts
Because Hemp inserts are porous, the more they’re washed, the more absorbent and soft they become. We recommend washing both your Bungies cloth diaper inserts 3-4 times before their first use. Dry the inserts between washings either by hanging them, or by drying them in a dryer on medium heat or lower (very high heat can be damaging to snaps, but medium or lower is fine).
You can prep inserts with regular laundry or other diapers. If washing with regular laundry, remember not to use fabric softeners and to be mindful of dyes, hooks/studs/Velcro, or spilled substances on your clothing that could damage the diaper or irritate your baby.

Prepping Your Diaper Covers (the Cute Part)
Bungies diaper covers are made from high-quality PUL, with a plush stay-dry lining sewn in to keep everything in place and baby comfortable. These materials, while adorable, don’t need multiple washes to prep them, but your diaper cover should be washed at least once to get it clean and ready for your baby. We do recommend drying them in medium to high heat for 15 minutes
to seal any micro neddle holes. After it’s washed once and hung to dry, if you're still waiting for your inserts to be prepped, don’t worry, this month’s cover can be
used with last month’s inserts so you can see that print on baby ASAP!