How Does Our Subscription Work?

Trying to build up your diaper stash? Just can’t stop yourself from getting more adorable diaper covers (those patterns just keep getting cuter!)? Whether you’re a seasoned diaper shopaholic, or just starting out, we got you. Our monthly subscription was made for you. 

What do you get? You can choose from three options. 

OPTION 1 is a single diaper of the sweetest seasonal print with two inserts. 

OPTION 2 is a single diaper of the sweetest seasonal print with two inserts plus a wet bag. 

OPTION 3 is the seasonal diaper and a coordinating solid diaper with four inserts. 

How does it work?

You sign up for one of the monthly subscriptions and every month you get our beautiful well-designed diapers delivered to your door. The best part about it? You can swap out your subscription option at any time! So, if you want the adorable seasonal diaper and wet bag this month and the single diaper next month, you got it! Not to mention you can pause your subscription or even skip a month if you wish. How cool is that? Not a fan of summer prints, no problem, just pause your subscription and start again in September- hello cute apple bottoms! And to make sure you are getting just what you want, we release sneak peaks before we bill.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up and manage your subscription through the customer portal on our website.  

More to love…

The subscription is the perfect way to build up your diaper stash or just add some adorable seasonal prints to your collection. If you have a friend or family member doing cloth diapers, you can even gift them a prepaid subscription. They will love you for it. The prepaid subscription is also perfect if you want to sign up for a shorter period of time to try it out first. Go ahead and check out our subscriptions and enjoy falling in love with our seasonal prints.